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Go ahead and open it! First of all, check that you have received the correct model and size bike. All the material you need to ride the bike is in the box, you will just need  a couple allen keys and a floor pump. You are going to get the bike almost fully assembled, here are the steps for full assembly:

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First of all,
A disclaimer

Always use the correct tools!  Always use a torque wrench where the torque value is noted.  When in doubt, please check with your local pro bicycle mechanic.


We fully assemble and test each bike before removing some parts and packing, so everything should be propperly adjusted. Once you open the box you will find the frame with everything mounted except for the wheels and the seatpost. Carefully empty the box and confirm the contents are all there. These are: fully assembled frame kit, wheels, seatpost and seat, and seat clamp.  Although the brakes and derailleurs have all been adjusted before packing, after shipping they might need some slight adjustment.  In this case refer to our technical videos or bring the bike to your local professional bike mechanic.

1. Install the wheels

First step in assembling your bike. To install the wheels, unscrew the through axles with from the frame with a 6mm allen key.  Install the wheels, making sure the rotor is inside the disc caliper and the chain is correctly wrapped around the casseette - refer to the manual and video on our website - and screw in the through axles. Remember to carefully torque the through axles to 14nm.

2. Install the seatpost

To insert the seatpost: note, do not use regular grease! Use carbon paste with any carbon surface. This will prefent the grip and reduce binding. Insert the seat post to your riding height and tighten the seat clamp. You will need a 5mm allen key and the recomended torque is 7nm.

3. Dial in your handlebar

Almost done! The last step is to align the handlebar and fork. It is important that you don't loosen the headset top cap screw so the headset doesn't become loose. The only screws you need to worry about are the two in the stem, one each side. They should be loose enough so you can turn the handlebar while you grab the wheel and keep it straight, if not you can loosen them half a turn. Once you have aligned the stem and front wheel, grab the front brake and rock the bike back and forth to check for play in the headset - if you can't feel any, just tighten the stem bolts to 6nm each. The best practice is tightening the stem bolts alternatively, half a turn or even a quarter each side to achieve an even tension. If you can feel some play in the headset, tighten the top cap bolt while the stem bolts are loose. Tighten it just until there is no play, if you tigh more than needed the handlebar will resist turning.

That's it, the only remaining part is your choice of pedals. Remember to grease the pedal threads and start threading by hand to avoid stripping the thread of the cranks.

Bike is built! Before riding you may want to put it in a stand and check gears and brakes are working properly, discs are not rubbing the pads and all the screws are properly tightened. Check the videos below to fine tune the bike pefectly.

Whats included

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  • Frame kit
  • Torque wrench
  • Rear axle
  • Allen keys

Building and setting-up your bike