The Crash Replacement Program is available up to 3 years after the date of purchase.  It is only applicable to the first buyer, not to re-sold products.  The damage must also be caused not by a third party but by the product owner.  To inquire further, please contact us on our contact form.  We reserve the right to refuse any claim we do not deem as valid, and this does not cover cosmetic damage.


Unfortunately, sometimes crashes happen, and we want to get you riding again as quickly as possible. Crashes can cause structural damage to a product, so to avoid any further problem we offer a Crash Replacement Program for frames and forks at a reduced price. Contact support to request a crash replacement for a bike.

Wheels and other CARBON PRODUCTS

These exepensive parts are also covered by the Crash Replacement Program. Contact support to request a crash replacement for wheels and other carbon products.

Request a crash replacement