Founded in Flanders (Belgium), Reven was created by a group of passionate cyclists who live to ride and dream of big challenges. Reven is rider-owned, and we are obsessed about every little detail. We want our bikes to be quick, responsive, light, and suitable for long days in the saddle.

Being from Belgium offers some unique advantages. It is notoriously one of the hardest places to ride. The conditions are, we admit, a bit darker and wetter than most places. It rains most of the year – there is always grit on the road – there are heaps of cobbles, and on group rides nobody uses fenders. Here it’s the hard man who wins, who can fly over the cobbles the fastest – who puts in the most hours training in the winter rain. Bike racers are heroes and cycling is a way of life, a religion. It’s in this setting where bikes are developed, tested, and thrashed.

We also have one foot in Germany, with our flagship store located in Weingarten. Stop by for a beer, a coffee, or a test ride!